Two St. Thomas


BentallGreenOak and KingSett Capital partnered to launch Two St. Thomas, a high-end purpose built rental offering style and amenities typically found in first-class hotels. Situated amidst Toronto’s prime location, in the heart of the upscale Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, the target audiences were very niche: Affluent Young Professionals and Empty Nesters, both with an above average disposable income, seeking to live a coveted urban downtown luxury lifestyle.

Computer generated rendering of the front lobby at Two St. Thomas


Ryse was tasked to strategically develop and execute a targeted media campaign, aimed at driving awareness and generating qualified leads for the property – all within a compressed timeline.

A close-up image of a Two St. Thomas advertisement and another image of the same advertisement inside a bus shelter
An image of a Two St. Thomas bus shelter transit advertisement at night and another image of a Two St. Thomas instagram ad shown on a mobile phone


Ryse developed and launched a three-tiered media campaign (Pre-launch, Launch and Absorption) aimed at the very niche and discernable target audiences with the goals of:


•Creating awareness utilizing digital, social and traditional media

•Driving traffic to the property website and motivating users to book an appointment

•Generating highly targeted and qualified leads 6 months ahead of the initial move-in date

Variety of Two St. Thomas digital ads featuring a living room, washroom, and kitchen. Two ads have a call to action button to book a private tour

Understanding that each target group was unique and consumed media in different ways, Ryse developed a comprehensive advertising media plan utilizing the most effective and efficient communication channels available, while aligning with the clients’ available budget and resources.

All media channels selected were measurable and integrated, where possible, into the property website and Google Analytics to ensure it was delivering ROI and achieving the campaign goals. Throughout the campaign, the analytics were monitored and Ryse evolved the media channel usage, content strategy and the creative approach to ensure ongoing personalization for each target audience.

Two St. Thomas video advertisement shown of digital screen in office tower elevator
Two St. Thomas digital advertisement screen shot shown on computer monitor


As a high-end residential rental property, Two St. Thomas really was the first of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area. The pre-launch strategy outperformed expectations, generating significantly more qualified leads, impressions, and website traffic vs. forecast.

As the property officially opened, the campaign, communication platforms and content strategy kept evolving to successfully focus on specific slower moving suite types. Within 6 months of the Launch phase, Two St. Thomas had fully rented all available suites, a full year ahead of the planned objective.

Two St. Thomas Facebook and Instagram webpages on a tablet and mobile phone on a marble countertop